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effective and reliable legal advice

At SWC, we provide effective and reliable legal advice to companies, enterprises, foundations, associations, and individuals, helping them to achieve their goals efficiently and quickly.

SWC is:

Expect the best.

It’s all about people

We are proud that we have created a law firm distinguishable by its effectiveness and reliability, as well as its unique approach to clients – a law firm where people count – close contact, accessibility, support, and partnership relations based on respect and mutual trust.

Comprehensive legal services

We specialize in legal services for companies, including registration of companies, sale of companies, tax optimization of companies, as well as assistance in starting business in Poland, USA and Great Britain. We always take the initiative – we do not limit ourselves to answering questions. We offer individual solutions that help our clients achieve their strategic business goals faster and more effectively.

Individual approach and commitment 

We are known for our individual approach and commitment to our work. We listen carefully to the needs and expectations of our clients and understand their business objectives. We see opportunities where others do not. 

Therefore, we provide effective and advantegous solutions that will help in quick optimization of our clients’ enterprises.

Lawyers chosen by efficiency and reliability

Working close with our clients, we provide support and advice whenever they need it.

Our knowledge, experience, excellent local knowledge of conducting business in Poland in the markets in which we operate, as well as our commitment to hard work and to building long-term relationships have been appreciated by many clients. Our clients value our professionalism, communicativeness, and effectiveness, which translates directly into measurable profits for companies.profesjonalizm, komunikatywność i skuteczność, która przekłada się bezpośrednio na mierzalne zyski dla firm.

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